User agreement

This agreement on granting access to the site is a legally binding user agreement between the site Administration and the User.

In accordance with article 437 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation the Agreement is a public offer, i.e. the offer to conclude the contract on the provision by Society services access to content posted on the Website, to the unlimited circle of persons on a paid basis.


Site –

Company - LLC «OFFC»

Agreement - the present Terms for access to the Site

User - a natural person registered on the site, has reached the age limit in accordance with the Russian legislation for the acceptance of this Agreement, having the appropriate powers and is one of the parties to the Agreement

Subscription - full access to all materials contained on this Site



1.1. In the conditions of the Agreement the Company provides user subscription for a fee in order to view the material posted on the Site, the User.

1.2. Services referred to in paragraph 1.1. Agreement include the following types of subscriptions:

1.2.1. "Subscription for 1 year", which operates 365 days of the receipt of payment to the Company made by the user on the terms of the Agreement;

1.2.1. "Subscription for 6 months", which operates 180 days of the receipt of payment to the Company made by the user on the terms of the Agreement;

1.2.1. "Subscription for 3 months", which is valid for 90 days from the date of receipt of payment to the Company made by the user on the terms of the Agreement;

1.2.2. "Subscription for 1 month" that lasts 30 days from the date of receipt of payment to the Company made by the user on the terms of the Agreement.

1.3. Receipt of payment to the Company made by the user on the terms of the Agreement, is the acceptance (acceptance) of the Agreement (the offer), which means the full and unconditional acceptance of the User Agreement terms.


2.1. To subscribe, the user must:

2.1.1. start anonymously purchase one of the existing subscriptions (after payment you will receive to your email login details to the Site); register on the site by filling in all required fields of the registration form (login name, password, an email), or to log in using existing login and password on the website by entering their login window), or log in using your account at one of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin);

2.1.2. carefully read the terms and conditions of the Agreement and to take it;

2.1.3. choose a tariff in accordance with paragraph 3.1. Agreement and payment method (payment system) in accordance with paragraph 2.3 of the Agreement, enter the necessary data for payment (payment form will indicate required fields required), if required by the payment system confirm the payment and pay;

2.1.4. if a successful payment go to the overview of the materials placed on the Site.

2.1.5. Refusal of service after the payment is not possible.

2.2. In his private office at 

The user of the remaining period of your subscription information is available.

2.3. Payment for the Company's services by the user via Paypal.

2.4. Company warns Users and Users understand and agree that the payment system may charge over and above the cost of the services of any kind of commissions and fees, including fees mobile operators (if any), providing its services only in the case if such fees and charges shall be paid User. These commissions and fees (if any) are listed on the website under not be returned and will not be reimbursed by the Company. Customers use the services of the Payment System, it is considered to be warned and agree with their terms and conditions.

2.5. The user also bears all additional costs to view the materials placed on the Site, including fees mobile operators (if any), as well as the cost of Internet connection.

2.6. Materials to which access is provided to Users for a fee, determined by the Company itself.

2.7. The Company may at any time after the publication of the Agreement unilaterally replace payment systems. These changes are published on the website at the following address:

All the risks and adverse consequences related to the payment of the Company's services through other payment systems, except those specified in this Agreement shall be borne by the User.

2.8. Users undertake to use the materials contained on the Site solely for your personal non-commercial purposes by viewing them through the Site or software applications for devices that have access to the global Internet network, without saving it in the electronic memory of the device used by the user to view the material posted on the Site, (without saving and / or download -. in the case of acquisition of subscription meterialy from the Internet store downloads on the device itself). A different use of materials displayed on the Site, will constitute a breach by User of the Company exclusive rights / copyright holder. The User agrees that the Company is not responsible for the illegal actions of the User.

2.9. You shall not:

2.9.1. use of materials displayed on the Site, in any other way, including selling and reselling, publicly his show, broadcast it on radio or television by broadcasting on air or on cable, process, translate, make in materials any changes, and make them available to any person at any time of their choice (including via the Internet), as well as for any commercial purposes without the prior written permission of the Company, except as permitted by the Agreement;

2.9.2. use of materials displayed on the Site in a manner that could interfere with the normal functioning of the Site;

2.9.3. to register on the website as another person; mislead other Users with respect to its identity, using registration data of another person; deliberately distort the picture of himself, his age or his relations with other persons or other organizations; transfer registration data to other persons;

2.9.4. trying in any way, including by selecting a password, hacking, or other actions to gain access to other people's logins and passwords;

2.9.5. use automated programs interact with the Site and its services, to place any files that contain or may contain viruses or other malicious programs;

2.9.6. transfer their registration data to other persons;

2.9.7. use your login and password to access the system at the same time for more than three electronic devices used by the User to view the material posted on the Site (eg, computer, tablet and smartphone).

2.11. User agrees to:

2.11.1. Use the Site only for purposes that do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as the principle of rationality and morality;

2.11.2. Do not post information on the Site, the dissemination of which is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

2.11.3. Do not place on the site advertising and promotional information;


3.1. Company services provide Subscriptions are paid at the rates specified on the page

3.2. Payment is made at the rates of the Company effective at the time of payment.

3.3. The Company has the right to unilaterally and without notice to the user resizes the tariffs.


4.1. All placed and used on the Website the results of intellectual activity, including the materials posted on the Site, and the Site itself are the intellectual property of their respective owners and are protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation on intellectual property.

4.2. No result of intellectual activity can not be copied, processed, distributed, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or otherwise used in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of the Company.

4.3. Access to the materials on this site are provided by the Company solely for personal, non-commercial use of the user in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. Any use of the material or results of intellectual activity, part of them, without the Company's prior written permission is prohibited, except as permitted by the Agreement or in the case of a written consent of the author (right holder) to such use.


5.1. The user is solely responsible for any non-authorized use of the Content by this Agreement without the prior written permission of the Company in accordance with the Russian legislation.

5.2. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information and data specified during registration on the Site, and paying them to the Company's services.

5.3. The Company is not liable for breach of conditions of the Agreement, unless the violation is caused by the action of force majeure (force majeure), including: action by public authorities, fire, flood, earthquake and other natural actions, disruptions in energy or telecommunication networks (in tonnes. h. The disruption of communication lines, equipment failure, and so on. p.), strikes, civil unrest, riots, any other circumstances, without limitation which may affect the performance of the Company and the terms of the Agreement beyond the control of the Company.

5.4. The Company is not responsible for any failure to perform obligations under the Agreement, and does not compensate for the losses incurred including but not limited to, as a result of:

5.4.1. illegal actions of users;

5.4.2. wrongful acts of third parties aimed at the violation of information security or the proper functioning of the Site, including DDOS-attacks on websites;

5.4.3. malfunction of the Site, caused by errors in the code, computer viruses and other extraneous code snippets in the software of the Site, including those related to the actions of third parties;

5.4.4. the lack of (can not be established, termination and so on.) or inadequate speed Internet connections between the server and the User of the site server;

5.4.5. of state and municipal authorities, as well as the organization of events, including within the framework of operational and investigative activities;

5.4.6. establishment of state regulation (regulatory or other organizations) economic activities of commercial organizations in the Internet and / or the establishment of these entities one-time restrictions make it difficult or impossible to execute the Agreement or portion thereof;

5.4.7. other cases related to the actions / inaction of third parties aimed at the deterioration of the overall situation with the use of the global Internet and / or computer equipment that existed at the time of the conclusion of the Agreement;

5.4.8. perform maintenance work on the Company's Website (date and time of the maintenance work shall be established by the Company itself, without prior notice to the User).

5.5. All disputes arising out of legal relationships under this Agreement shall be settled through negotiations. All claims for improper provision of services by the Company through the user may send a feedback form


6.1. Register on the site, the user consents to the processing provided to them upon registration on the Site, as well as paying for the services of the Company of their personal data, namely the collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of the Society of personal data . This agreement provided for the duration of the Agreement. Processing of personal data carried out in the Members for the execution of the Agreement.

6.2. Selected User login and password are necessary and sufficient information for the User access to the Site. User has no right to pass your login and password to third parties, shall be fully responsible for their safety.

6.3. Any actions taken under the login and password of the User shall be deemed committed by the User.

6.4. Agreement in whole or in part can be changed by the Company at any time, unilaterally and without any prior notice Members and without cause. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force upon its publication on the website at the following address:

6.5. Members shall monitor the changing conditions of the Agreement and are responsible for compliance with its terms.

6.6. The Company reserves the right at any time to remove from the Site any material or of the material displayed on the Site without notice to the User.

6.7. The user is solely responsible for any information placed on the site.

6.8. With regard to users who do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, the Company reserves the unconditional right to suspend access to the Site for a specified period or in full. The preliminary notice of violation of the Agreement The users are routed.

6.9. The Company reserves the absolute right to delete any material posted by users on the site. At the same time, this condition does not and can not be interpreted as imposing a duty to the Company on a regular moderation (content control) materials posted by users on the site.

6.10. In all cases not provided for by the Agreement, the Agreement the parties are guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.11. The agreement is valid indefinitely.