Today, Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation Peter Diamandis kicked off Singularity University’s first ever Global Summit here in tech capital, San Francisco.

The energy is pulsing (what else would you expect in Silicon Valley?), and so is Diamandis' presence on stage as he tells the room,

“We’re about to enter a time where we can tackle global problems in a way like we never have before.”

Diamandis says we’re living during the most extraordinary time ever in history. It’s a time where the power and passion of the human mind is truly being unleashed by the unprecedented power of exponential technologies.


Peter Diamandis at Singularity University's 2016 Global Summit

You may think, “How can he be so positive about the future? Doesn’t he watch the news?”

He admitted getting asked this question a lot, but responds saying, “No, I don’t watch the news, but I do watch the data.”

Diamandis wrapped up his talk underlying that, "Technology is the force that makes what used to be scarce become abundant." With this great power, however, also comes the great responsibility to use this power to build the kind future we want to live in.

“The world is about to change dramatically and you’re in the midst of it.” -Peter Diamandis