The Perseverance Mars rover is currently preforming sampling operations near Belva crater (in the background behind the rover). After two unsuccessful attempts to collect a sample at Ouzel Falls the team decided to try again at a different spot. This panorama was acquired during the drive to the new sampling site on Sol 817 (June 8, 2023) This panorama was assembled from a combination of Mastcam-Z images taken on Sol 817 and Navcam images taken on sol 816 to fill in the rover area. I also added sky images from sol 801. The time of day was roughly the same for the sky images, but the rover images were taken slightly later in the day, so the shadow direction doesn't quite match. The rover deck is also quite misaligned due to the large off center mounting of the Navigation cameras.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/Simeon Schmauß