On the Amazon Web Services platform, an open database of data from more than 49 million institutional users, including celebrities, influenza accounts and brands was found.


The data in the database includes not only publicly available information from the social network profile, but also an email address, telephone number and data on the cost of advertising in the account, writes TechCrunch.


This figure is the ratio of the number of subscribers to likes, the coverage coverage and subscriber involvement (followers).


Each record in the database contained an estimate of the cost of each account, calculated on the number of followers, involvement and audience coverage, the number of likes and number of followers shared the post.


Individual researcher Anurag Sen, who discovered this database on the network, has been shown to Technicians, who are able to find the find with Chtrbox based in Mumbai. She is engaged in marketing in social networks.


The data holding chtxtbox determine how much a company should pay a blogger for advertising.


In Instagram (the company belongs to Facebook), the BBC said they were trying to figure out where the data came from the database.


In the database, some popular bloggers and celebrities were found. Journalists contacted some bloggers, information about what is found in the database, and wrote them their personal data.


Two confirmed that there were their email boxes and telephone numbers that were used for their Instagram accounts. However, they have nothing to do with Chtrbak, the newspaper writes.


Soon after contacting Chtrbox, the database is closed. They did not respond to requests from the BBC.


Collection of user information instagram violates social network policies.


The incident occurred two years after the installment recognized that a bug in the developer's API allowed hackers to receive email addresses and telephone numbers from six million user accounts. Later, hackers sold this data for bitcoins.