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There's no safety without freedom. But freedom will not last long without safety. Freedom and Safety.


There are 3 ways of getting knowledge and practical skills on Freedom and Safety:

  1. Subscribe and get articles from the acknowledged and skilled professionals on safety.
  2. Distant lessons via internet.
  3. Science researches and surveys on Freedom and Safety. 

Our team members are the scientists, Doctors of Philosophy, Medicine and Laws. We're the people who wants to cultivate  and thrive the ideas of Freedom and Safety as a basic mankind needs.  

Our objectives:

  1. Collecting and spreading worlds knowledges on Freedom and Safety questions.
  2. Providing an education abilities on Freedom and Safety questions for everyone.
  3. Publishing a science, practical and educational materials on Freedom and Safety questions.
  4. Promoting the creation of a “FREEDOM” as a science subject.
  5. Promoting the creation of a “SAFETY” as a science subject.

We're invite everyone to became an active member of the project Freedom and Safety.

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Regards, Freedom and Safety team.